Troubleshooting means recognizing and diagnosing computer and networking problems with the goal of keeping your systems running optimally.

Home Computers

If your personal computer or home network is having  problems, we may find the solution using our Remote Desktop Support service, or we can come out to your home and fix the problem there.  Either way, we can have your computer or network  back up and online in no time.

Business Computers and Networks

If you are having performance issues, intranet failures, or connectivity problems with some, or all, of your organizations computers, no need to disrupt operations; let us come to you.  We provide full-service hardware and software diagnostics and will make repairs on site, recommend upgrades, or install additions to your network to keep your operations running smoothly.

Why A & S Technology Solutions?

  • Our technicians come to us with real-world experience, not just book knowledge.  They have been responsible for computer networks in previous employment and fully understand that troubleshooting computer and network problems start with an understanding of basic principles and typical causes.
  • We bring 30+ years of experience to you with engineer level training and understanding of computer operating systems, network structure and functionality, hardware and software operation and applications, and system security functions.
  • Save time and money by starting with experts who will diagnose your computer performance issues correctly and then repair your systems problems at a reasonable and fair price.

  • Minimize downtime, hassle, and risk  because when you hire A & S Technology Solutions, you can have confidence that your technology investment is in good hands.