At Home
To keep your computer secure from hackers and viruses, a firewall is required to provide the security and allow only the information you want in or out of your computer. We can help you select the appropriate firewall and configure it to keep your data safe.

Your Children's Safety
We also have the expertise to configure your firewall to help keep your children safely away from those websites that you do not want them to access.

Talk to us. We have children, too!


At Work
Your firewall is your front line defender against hackers and viruses on the Internet.  We can help you choose a firewall to protect your data,as well as help you keep it up to date to ensure the security of your network and your data.

There are between 200-300 new viruses released every month, plus, the old ones continue to spread.

Don't take chances with your data  
Call  A & S Technology Solutions and allow us to come out and discuss your computer and network security needs.