Virtual Technician
Remote Desktop enables your computer to connect with our technicians computer from across the Internet.  Unlike a typical VPN connection which will give a remote PC access to the company network, Remote Desktop will actually allow our technician to see and control your connected PC as though he were sitting directly in front of it.  

This technology saves time and money
Using a simple secure download, help can be on the way.  No more waiting for your computer to get out of the shop, and no need to pay extra for the gasoline to get it there.


Frequently Asked Questions     FAQ's

Is this secure?
There is no way for someone to take control of your computer without a live person at your computer.

Can you actually see my screen?
Yes. This is a way that A & S Technology Solutions, LLC can see your desktop and work on your computer without actually driving to your location. Because of rising costs, this will save everyone money.

How does it work?
You simply click on the "Get Support" box (right) or go to:

How do we pay for this service?
We simply invoice you as normal and you can either pay via credit card directly from the electronic invoice or simply send us a check.