A Computer in My Ham Shack?

As you probably already know, a computer can be involved in almost every activity we do. Since ham radio operators have historically been at the forefront of electronic "tinkering", computers have been embraced by ham radio mores than in most other hobbies.  Originally used as a replacement for the paper logbook, the computer in ham radio has evolved to nearly every other aspect of our hobby.

computers in ham shack.jpg

If you're looking for help in choosing a computer for your ham shack, or wondering what you can do with a computer in your shack, let us help you explore the possibilities. 





Advantages of a ham shack computer include:

  • Easier log entries
  • Opens up many new possibilities, such as digital modes, satellite tracking, etc.
  • Rig (radio) control
  • Remote control of a ham radio
  • Antenna modeling


Our ham radio specialists are well equipped to help you integrate a computer into your ham radio shack.