Computer and Network Installation

Technology skills are not ingrained in us from birth, 
so we've put together a little primer on just how 
computers work. Whether you're a novice or a 
seasoned expert,  you are sure to pick up some 
little "tidbit" of information you didn't have before 
studying our diagram.

A Little More To It
There is a little more to it than our diagram 
suggests, but rest-assured, if you have one or 
one-hundred computers needing to be configured 
to access the internet or network,
A & S Technology Solutions will provide the 
expertise and skills to accomplish these tasks for 
you. We will do the work quickly and efficiently and 
your network will be up and running in no time.

Consult the Experts
We can visit your home or office and advise you on 
the best technology choices for your needs.
We will be able to identify opportunities for 
improvement that you may not have previously 
considered and help you to simplify your network 

How computers work.

We Won't Leave You Hanging
Once your new system has been installed, configured, and is up and running, our service will not stop there.  A & S Technology Solutions is a full-service IT provider.   We can keep your network running like a well oiled machine, and keep it safe with state-of-the-art system security protocols.  

Your technology investment will be in good hands and we can answer all of your technology questions.