H1N1: a Hoax for the Ages?

Fox News recently interviewed Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, a leading European health authority as saying the swine flu was a result of Big Pharma’s “campaign of panic” that put pressure on the little old World Health Organization to declare a pandemic (outbreak of a disease over a large geographical area). Wodarg went on to call swine flu one of the “greatest medicine scandals of the century.”

To be fair, the century is only a decade old but does that discount the fact that the media got bored with the swine flu when thousands of deaths never materialized. Seemed like any other flu season except for the hysteria. And now comes news that countries around the world are dumping millions of doses of vaccine because no one wants the stuff injected into them.

Conspiracy theorists opt to believe it’s yet another example of the shadow government in action. Others see more evidence of magnificent incompetence. Regardless, doesn’t it make sense to take responsibility for the health and medical well being of you and your family into your own hands? Do you really want to rely on the government sticking a steel tube into your arm to keep diseases at bay?

All the more reason to eat a healthy diet and reduce the chances you’ll get sick in the first place.

Thanks to the Holistic Survival site for this information.