Gun Control? Take more training.

It almost seems wrong to wish someone a "Merry Christmas" so soon after the tragic events in Connecticut. It's hard to even comprehend the pain and suffering that those family members are feeling. You're just not supposed to bury your kids. All it took was one wacko to unilaterally decide that those kids and adults weren't supposed to live anymore. He took his own life, too. But that was his own decision. Fine. 

Now, you see so many other people using this tragedy to help push forth their own agenda and beliefs. They start coming out of the woodwork to start chanting about how we need more gun control, or worse, no more guns at all. What's great about America is that you can have your own opinions and beliefs. Even if they are wrong.

There is no good argument that if we outlaw guns then the senseless killings like happened in Connecticut would cease. I've seen people from other countries even chime in. One from the UK said that gun control is so engrained over there that even some police don't carry firearms. Ummm, is it just me or is that plain ignorant? Closer to home, look at our "no-gun zones". Chicago, New York. More violent crime there because the criminals don't have to worry that a law-abiding citizen will be able to meet deadly force with deadly force. Why? Because headless authorities have taken the guns out of their hands.

There are those that say guns are dangerous. The simply answer is "no". They are only dangerous in the hands of an untrained or dangerous person. Heck, even in our little town we had a woman try to run over another woman with an automobile. But I didn't hear anyone talk about how automobiles are dangerous and we should have some kind of "car control".  It's also interesting that when people can't articulate their argument about guns, they resort to name calling. Obviously, they aren't in any position of authority, thank God.

You don't believe in the Second Amendment? You're certainly entitled to your opinion and belief. But it's irrational thinking to think that taking the guns out of law abiding citizens hands, like myself, will somehow curb violent crimes. Being able to not only protect yourself and your loved ones, but also your fellow man, is one of the most patriotic things you can do as a human being.

You want gun control, take more training. That way, God forbid, you are faced with the same wacko that those adults faced in Connecticut, you'll be better able to hold steady and stop any further carnage.