A & S Technology Solutions is a full-service IT provider.  Our highly qualified technicians can address all your technology needs, from computer services and support to wireless/wired network installations and troubleshooting, Internet and Intranet connectivity, system security, Remote Desktop support, upgrading operating systems, Home Theater sales, installations and support, audio/video components, switching from Windows to Mac or Linux, and troubleshooting any technology problems you may encounter.  

We also provide full-service for email, web, and/or file servers for your organization.

How computers work

How computers work

Why A & S Technology Solutions?

We've got the experience you need to ensure success.Our seasoned consultants provide expert advice, architecture, design, installation, and troubleshooting services.  We have a competitive advantage because of low overhead, and we provide scalable and growable technology solutions.

30+ years of computer and IT experience
  1. We have been involved with personal computers in a technical/engineer level since they first hit the market. (IBM PC - 1981)
  2. Involved with PC operating systems since DOS (Disk Operating System) in 1981 and Microsoft Windows in 1985.
  3. Expert level training in the "big three" operating systems.  (Microsoft Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux)
  4. Expert abilities in computer networking.  (wired and wireless)
  5. High experience level in PC and network security.

Informed Technology Choices
We advise you on the best technology choices for your needs, identifying opportunities for improvement that you may not have previously considered.

Expert Advice and Innovative Ideas
We can help you meet business objectives, increase creativity, and improve productivity with secure, reliable solutions.

Save Time and Money
We get your technology solution up and running quickly and economically.  The equipment and services you purchase will be tailored to your specific requirements.

Minimize Your Risk
Whether you are upgrading your existing infrastructure, or investing in a new solution, when you hire A & S Technology Solutions, you can have confidence that your technology investment is in good hands.

Identifying Your Personal Technology Needs

  • Do PC problems take time away from your family or business?
  • Has your office computer network become too complex?
  • Have you been "piecing together" your network?
  • Would you like to simplify your network environment?
  • Are you thinking about switching to Mac, but don't know where to begin?
  • Has your PC security system left your network vulnerable?
  • Would you like to come home to your own Home Theater?
  • Would you like to have a more enjoyable music experience?
  • Are you wondering what this "VoIP" is and how it can benefit you?

We specialize in implementing computer-based and in-home technologies to meet your needs and simplify your environment.

The term “customer service” may be overused, but make no mistake, we will provide professional and courteous service and we will listen to your needs.
Our Goal is to provide:
  1. Complete technology solutions that are functional, reliable, stable, and manageable.
  2. Information Technology (IT) environments suited to the non-IT professional that offer the ability to meet current and future needs.
  3. The best technology solutions that adhere to the above strategy while providing ease of use.
  4. Hassle-free installations and organized documentation and support.
  5. Fair pricing for value received.